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The VISTA Framework

Vision, Identify, Strategize, Transform, Assess

VISTA Framework.png

About the Framework

VISTA is designed to provide school and district leaders with a foundation to navigate the complexity of AI integration through a comprehensive and iterative approach. This circular design emphasizes the ongoing and adaptable nature of innovation, acknowledging that the process of integrating AI is not linear but a continuous cycle of growth, learning, and improvement. The framework includes everything from crafting a forward-thinking vision based on the unique needs of your school community to devising strategic plans and policies that can support successful implementation and evaluation.


Central to VISTA's philosophy is the importance of stakeholder engagement, ensuring diverse perspectives are included in this transformative journey. This increases support and school-community ownership, reinforcing the belief that innovation is an inclusive process that builds upon shared goals and values.


The VISTA Framework is grounded in theory and enriched with practical strategies, resources, and real-world case studies, making it a hands-on companion for leaders at the helm of change. Regardless of your school's size or context, the VISTA Framework's circular approach offers a scalable path toward successful AI integration, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of educational technology.

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