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Guiding Your AI Integration Journey

Welcome to the VISTA AI Programs page, your hub for in-depth insights and guidance on the VISTA Framework and AI integration in education. Our mission is to empower school and district leaders like you to navigate the complex journey toward a future-ready, AI-enabled educational environment.


Here, you will find a wealth of information to support your leadership journey, including:

  • VISTA Framework Guidebook: An in-depth guide to understanding and implementing the VISTA Framework in your educational institution.

  • Webinars: Interactive online sessions where we deep-dive into various aspects of AI integration using the VISTA Framework.

  • Mini-courses designed to help level up your understanding of AI and prepare to lead your organization at the school, building, and district level.

Embark on your AI integration journey with confidence and clarity. Utilize the VISTA Framework and our curated resources to lead the transformation towards a future-ready education system."

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