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The Network School Preamble

It’s not the least controversial to say that technology has deeply impacted our lives in many ways, yet education remains a notable exception. Despite the edtech industry being valued at $115 billion in the US alone, traditional teaching methods persist largely unchanged from decades past. The disconnect is a reflection of the competing interests and pressures that have hindered education’s potential to meet our digital era's demands.


However, transformation is within reach if we dream big, take the path less traveled, and embrace a paradigm shift toward a learner-centered model that leverages the best aspects of technology. The Network School concept is aspirational and joins a growing base of work and innovation in proposing a radical rethink of educational architecture to leverage groundbreaking technological advances. 


As an education insider, I aim to inspire AND outline actionable steps and spark a conversation on reimagining education. The essay and (hopefully) forthcoming book explore the historical context, technological potentials, and the real challenges of transforming education. 


What is the Network School?

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